Find Your Look
Designer Frames, Glasses, Contacts

Find the look that works for you with Optivision selection, service and prices. We have high-quality eyeglasses, designer eyeglass frames, and a wide variety of contact lenses, reading glasses, and specialty lenses including polarized lenses from NuPolar and Eagle Vision Sun Defense, Transitions everyday lenses, and Polycarbonate ultraviolet (UV) protection lenses. With a dedication to quality, durability, and variety, Visionworks provides you with all you need to find the right look.


Lens Types

We understand that each patient is unique in their eye care needs; therefore we offer a wide variety of lenses, materials and lens enhancements specific to each individual. Finding the right lens can actually enhance your lifestyle.

Marc Jacobs  

Protect Your Eyes
The importance of regular eye exam

An annual eye exam is one of the most important diagnostic and preventative measures you can take to protect your vision and health. Most doctors inside or next to Visionworks are independent and own their own practice. Doctors in some locations may be employed by Optivision.



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